Fat girls have sex too!

So a few things you should know about me…..

I’m in my early 30s, professional, living in London

I’m a size 26-28 – that means big boobs, bum and tum.

I absolutely love sex, and I have it often usually with slightly disfunctional men


So why did I decide to start a blog? 

Two reasons I guess.

I keep what I do VERY private, with only me and a select few individuals having any real insight into this part of my life. But recently I’ve started writing bits down to try and make sense of my thoughts (note the previous point about disfunctional men) and thought it might be fun to anonomously share some stories.

I feel an increasing need to dispel the notion that seems to exist that fat women can’t get men. Because trust me they can, and hot ones at that!


So I should probably start by tellingly you how I got into this lifestyle.

I’ve always really enjoyed sex, and it’s been an important feature of any relationship I’ve been in. I’ve also been fairly open minded throughout and curious to try new things.

A couple of years ago I came out of a long term relationship and decided I wanted a bit of freedom to explore. Online dating was the natural choice, so immediately excluding tinder, I signed up with two of the other big sites.

I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. At that’s time my self confidence about my looks was pretty low and I genuinely wasn’t sure if I would get any messages, least of all from anyone I would find attractive. However I knew from some experiences before my ex that if I got chatting to someone then I was a pretty good flirt.

In my first few days I was actually pleasantly surprised. I received quite a lot of messages from some nice looking men, who didn’t seem like total idiots. This was going well…  Very soon after I had my first proper date which definitely deserves a post all of its own and that I guess opened the casual sex door for me, after it had been closed for so long. From there I gradually progressed to regularly using swinging sites and slowly creating the set up I have today where I talk to and meet with select men on a regular basis for sex and fun.

So before I move on, taking the fatness out of it I appreciate the notion of casual sex doesn’t sit well with everyone. I’m not sure whether the stories I plan to share will paint me or it in a particularly good light but thought it best to be frank before I waste your time reading any more.

I have slept with upwards of 50 men, a high number for some, maybe not too shocking for others.

I have had multiple group sex encounters. I have also slept with more than one guy seperately in the same day.

I have knowingly talked to and met men in relationships.

I have had my feelings hurt multiple times, because deep down whilst I do love this lifestyle I am naturally a caring person.

So I guess if you aren’t too repulsed by those things or maybe you are and you just want to judge me some more then keep reading. I really hope you enjoy…….










One thought on “Fat girls have sex too!

  1. Hi! I’ve read some of your blog posts and I like your style. Hope you write more soon, best of luck and will follow! 🙂


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