Fat girls and sex

So the name for my blog, and one of my reasons for writing it was inspired by someone I dated briefly last year.

Now before I explain, you should know that in addition to play mates I occasionally date people from the ‘real world’ because as much as I have fun, I’m not against the idea of a relationship.

To cut a long story short… I met this guy, we dated a few times, he was very keen, I quite liked him and then out of the blue he said he wasn’t sure if he was ready for a relationship. We agreed to be friends but met casually once or twice since.

The other night, clearly horny he was asking when I was next free and started floating the idea of a potential relationship which he does from time to time. Then out of nowhere he said something along the lines of…..

‘I have to be honest but your are bigger than girls I would normally like but I do really like everything else about you. You must be conscious about it often, and it’s something that bothered me since we met’

Despite that I’m willing to look past it and it would be nice to see you’

I was actually pretty stunned.

Now I am very aware that I am a big girl and that clearly will not be for every guy or girl so I actually didn’t mind him saying that.

But I was offended at the implication that he was doing me a favour by sleeping with me, because us fat girls deserve a fuck every now and again of course! Ironically I’m pretty sure I’ve had more sex in the last month than he’s had in the last three years.

And secondly the idea that I must feel terrible about myself because I was fat. Yes, of course like anyone there are bits of my body I hate, sometimes I go through stages when I wish I was a skinny waif, but I’m not so lacking in confidence that I cower at home or cry myself to sleep at night. Without meaning to sound arrogant at all, what I might lack in a slim body, I think I make up for in personality and a pretty face.

So how easy is it for fat girls to find sex? To be honest, I’ve not struggled at all. Having had other profiles on the site I would say I get as many messsges and the quality is as good as other women on the site.

Crucially being fat, it also doesn’t mean I need to have really low standards or only sleep with chubby chasers. I get approached and have slept with a number of really good looking men, who like a variety of women.

I have also played with guys who do have a particular attraction to bigger women, including one feeder (one to cover in more detail in another post) but I played with them because I wanted to, not because I felt it’s all I could get.

So my response to this guy was polite, but needless to say I won’t be seeing him again!



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