Group play

So when a lot of people think about swinging a keys in the fish bowl scenario often springs to mind, and so I thought my next post should be about this subject.

Actually most of my play tends to be one on one, but I have indulged in group play regularly over the years, starting in my late teens with a boyfriend and his friend, and progressing to various combinations.

The Classic MFF

I struggle to think of a guy I know who doesn’t love the thought of MFF play. The idea of two women playing with each other in front of him and sharing him is the subject of many a fantasy.

Now for some, the reality is everything they hoped. For others…..not so much. MFF play requires a lot of stamina from the guy as there is a lot of pressure on him to ensure the females receive equal attention. The downside of this type of play vs others is that at some points one of the women is likely to be slightly left out, so this can be a tricky balancing act.

From a woman’s perspective a MFF can be difficult. I know this is generalising, but women tend to have more hang ups than men and naturally a little more clingy. A MFF therefore presents two challenges for a woman:

1) there is another woman’s body right there for the guy to compare to and does he fancy her more than me?

2) we’re both doing the same things, and does what she’s doing feel better?

The somewhat typical MFF scenario is a couple getting another female to join them. Many people execute this very successfully, and go on to enjoy regular play. However, the nature of inviting another woman to sleep with your man is going against the natural grain for most people and it can definitely provoke jealousy.

I’ve been approached by a number of couples over the last couple years asking me to join them, and a few I’ve had a great time with. However, I have come across scenario’s where it’s clear the guy is putting some pressure on the woman, and even ones where the guy has then tried to pursue a relationship with me separately.

I have also had mixed success when asking a female to join myself and a playmate. If it’s a playmate I haven’t formed an attachment too then it’s something I enjoy. But if it’s someone I’ve played with for awhile, I’ll be honest I do suffer from jealousy.

The not as classic MMF

So this scenario is not as common but still fairly prevelant, and personally I love it!

First, the barriers – from a guy’s perspective there are absolutely the same two questions that a woman asks herself in a MFF, although I think most put less focus on these. Often the bigger hang up, is the ‘gay aspect’ with some guys feeling that being that close to another mans naked cock is going to turn them gay! Silly I know, but I promise I’ve had this conversation more than once. In reality it’s perfectly possible to have a straight MMF where the guys don’t touch at all.

From a woman’s perspective, I guess it’s a less commonly accepted fantasy to want two men, and some are hesitant admitting it’s something they would like to try for fear of how they’ll be perceived or causing offence to their partner.

If you can get past these two elements, then for me, this scenario is perfect. It’s rare in a MMF that anyone is left out and having ability to create a tag team dynamic for the guys can enable them to rest in between while the female continues to get pleasure.

For me, I love pleasuring my play mate and therefore having two men to pleasure is an extra thrill. I also love the sex acts that are possible, especially spit roasting and double penetration.

Its probably obvious already, but naturally I’m more submissive. Whilst I know this will make every feminist out there hang their head in shame, I find it a huge turn on to have a regular playmate, invite someone to share me. There is an element of such possession and control about that that I never fail to love it, and have played with some masters of this dynamic.


So this is the classic fish bowl & keys scenario, although more commonly organised online or through play in a sex club or at a private party.

Again, I’d say the same concerns from the various parties apply, but a MFMF does feel more equal, and almost guarantees there is no chance of anyone feeling left out.

Balance is still key. I’ve come across examples of M1 being keen to play with F1 and F2, but not willing to let M2 share with his woman. I’m sure this happens in reverse with the women on occasions too. Equally I’ve also had scenario’s where one member of the couple is far more into the idea in general or just more attracted to that particular couple so that can be a challenge to overcome.

Starting out, some just enjoy same room play, or solely female sharing all of which can be fun. Everyone has to start somewhere. But I do enjoy a full swap.

I do find couples play tends to be more cliquey, particularly with those who regularly attend parties and clubs, and who tend to share within a select group. But again each to their own.


Clearly, from the above three it’s possible to take these dynamics into whatever multiples you desire, and at times I have scaled up so to speak, but hopefully this gives you a little insight into the basics….






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