The kinks

Everyone has kinks. But in the world of swinging generally those kinks have the potential to be explored in a freer less judgemental environment.

I’ve come across a few interesting ones in my time, some I’ve shared, others I’ve just indulged and others I’ve said a flat NO to. There are many more radical out there, but as I don’t tend to play in the hard core S&M worlds very often I will stay away from these and dedicate this post forwards sharing a few of the others with you…..

The fluid lover

This guy is incredibly turned on by the sharing of bodily fluids. The messier the sex, the better it is for him. He loves the obvious – cumming in and on as many places as possible, and also being cum on. He is also a lover of watersports, and during one of our more adventurous play times he managed to pee inside me and then proceed to fuck me. It may sound gross, but I actually found it pretty hot.

He told me recently that he was fucking a girls mouth to the point where she threw up on his cock (not as unusual as it may sound). And his thought process was exactly ‘Oh my god are you ok? And Wow that’s going to make me cum hard’

The feeder

The one and only feeder I’ve dated didn’t actually reveal he was one until our fourth date. But that point we’d slept together a couple of times, and I had no idea beyond an awareness that he had a thing for BBW’s.

During a phone conversation around this time, he asked whether he could feed me the next time we had sex. I’d done a bit of mutual food play in the past, so this didn’t overly phase me. I agreed to try it the next time we played.

I’ll be honest it did nothing for me and was actually quite awkward chewing away and trying not to choke whilst being pounded. From here he then asked to progress to weighing me regularly (I agreed) helping me to put weight over the next couple of months (I wasn’t enthusiastic) and force feeding me cream through a tube (absolutely not).

The feeding didn’t go much further, but I did see him a few more times.

The breeding cuck

You’d be surprised the number of men who have a breeding fantasy i.e. get turned on at the idea of making you pregnant multiple times. Now this idea does actually turn me on, but clearly the practicalities mean it’s not something I’ve ever indulged in.

I have however been speaking to a guy recently who has a dual fantasy. In the early months of our play he wants to be cuckolded, in a scenario where guys come to his flat, I take them into a room and fuck them loudly, while he listens in the next room and maybe watches/joins in. When the period of sharing is over he then wants to breed me. Let’s just say I’m considering the first part.

The underwear fanatic 

This guy I’ve chatted to for awhile although never actually met. He has many kinks, but his most prevelant is ladies underwear. He buys it and wears it, usually while sucking his thumb and playing with himself.

I receive regular pictures from him dressed in various shades and styles. These do nothing for me, but I know it’s a huge turn on for him to let me see. He also regularly asks me to send him my used underwear, which I have yet to agree to (it’s something about the used part that I’m just not sure about).

This week he told me he bought some used underwear from a website, supposedly worn by a 20 something woman. This is where I draw the line!

The guy who says those three words

I’ve come across this a few times recently – guys who get turned on by telling you they love you during sex, or hearing it said to them. Even if they have known the person they are with a matter of hours.

Personally, I find this one a little weird. Really? Compared to all the above? You might ask.

But only because surely those word can have no meaning, and therefore to be turned on by them I find a little strange. I also think the use of them can be dangerous, giving mixed signals in situations where you really need to avoid that.

The foot lover

Now most people have come across a foot fettish, but as well as wanting to kiss my feet, suck my toes and cum on them, this guy also had a thing for shoes.

He wanted to lick them clean when I came in from work, and would often message asking how dirty they were and whether he could get down on his knees and do it.

He was blocked quite soon after! I find the feet play enough of a distraction but I can live with it. But I’m not sure I could look someone in the face, let alone go anywhere near their mouth after they had licked my shoes following a day pounding the pavements of London.

And I think we’ll leave it there….


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