Going back

A few weeks ago I got a facebook friend request. The name popped up and immediately brought a smile to my face.

When I was 17 I had some of the best sex of my life. I met the guy (L) through mutual friends and he was just what I like….hot, confident, flirty, funny and a major plus point…..ginger! Before the end of the night L had got my number from a friend and went spent the next few days flirting before we were able to meet up again.

What followed was a night of some of the greatest sex I’d had up until that point. L was good at everything, and that night I learnt all about squirting (I initially thought I’d wet myself which was pretty scary).

I discovered soon after that he had a girlfriend, but as annoyed as I was I couldn’t give up that cock. I saw him several times more, either at his place or eventually at his friends flat.

It was at his friends place that I broadened my horizons even more. Heading round there one day after college, both L and the friend (T) were at the flat. T was a few years older but seemed quite happy to let L and I fuck in his room.

On this occasion the three of us sat round chatting and then randomly started watching porn. I could see both guys were getting excited and knowing I would be taking L’s cock soon I was pretty horny myself.

L went out of the room to get a drink and T lent over and kissed me. I was surprised and worried about what L would say so I pushed him off. But he smiled at me and said ‘Tell L you want me to join you later.’ Again, I was shocked, but horny. I did want to fuck him.

Later in the bedroom L and I were starting to play. He was kissing me as he undressed me and was starting to push his fingers inside me. The door opened and T was stood there. He looked straight at L and asked if he needed some help. (I am aware this sounds like a dodgy porn film, but I promise it’s true).

L didn’t even ask me, just nodded, and told T that I needed my mouth filled while he went down on me. From there I took them both in every hole multiple times. Every time it felt like we would stop, one of them would start touching me again and before I knew it I’d have both cocks inside me. The next morning I woke up to find them still both naked next to me and much to my delight we carried on where we’d left off! I didn’t make it to college that day.

We repeated this many more times, sometimes I’d play with just L, sometimes both and even a couple of times alone with T. Before I’d met L I’d always really enjoyed sex, but now I was really starting to explore all aspects of it.

Eventually, as these things happen when you are that age, we drifted apart and stopped seeing each other. I hadn’t heard from him at all since the age of 19 until the Facebook request.

I couldn’t resist….I messaged him. Within 3 messages we were flirting….within 5 he’d mentioned missing my blow jobs and within 10 he was asking to see me. Sometimes you just have a connection with someone!

So now a couple of weeks on we are planning to meet up and for once I’m nervous. Not because I’m fatter or less attractive than I am then although both are probably true. But more because I’m worried the illusion will be shattered. For years L was who all other guys had to live up to in the bedroom, and whilst some have (or even surpassed in some areas) what if he doesn’t live up to himself?

When I was 16 I slept with the guy I’d lost my virginity to again. It had been about 18 months, and whilst I’d gone on to sleep with a couple more people and learned a few tricks, he hadn’t slept with anyone else, and it showed. It was really disappointing sex and it partly ruined the memory of all the good times we’d had originally.

Now the fact that L is divorced with 3 kids tells me he hasn’t exactly been obstaining since we were last together. But even so can he really live up to the memory….I guess we shall find out!


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