The Easter rampage

On Wednesday I had a really blue day. These don’t happen very often, I’m usually a pretty happy person. But this week a combination of things got on top of me and I came home from work, drank two bottles of prosecco, cried on the sofa for two hours and then ate pizza.

By 10 o’clock I was feeling a bit more myself, but then the urge set in. Whenever I’m sad these days and it’s partly related to a guy, I have a default solution. A sex rampage. My body just decides what I need to feel better is to fuck and suck lots of people over the next few days, just because I can.

Now it doesn’t take a psychologist to tell me that this is all about an ego boost. I feel terrible, I find people who want me, we play, I feel better. But is this such a bad thing?

The Easter rampage started Thursday night, slightly drunk after a post work trip to the pub, I turned up at the dom’s. We’d been arguing most of the day (as we do) so the aggression levels were high. I had him in my mouth in the lift up to his flat, and as soon as I got in the door I was on my knees.

He gave me permission to go and shower quickly and then come back to make him tea. I obeyed like the good little slut I am. Returning in just my dress, no knickers, knowing that I was going to get spanked hard, and continued with my sucking duties.

What followed was two hours of hot fucking and playing, leaving me with my throat choked, face slapped and a mouthful of his cum. Just how I like it. He may be the worlds biggest arse at times, but he knows exactly how I need to be fucked. We collapsed into bed, and the only downside was no time to play again before he had to leave in the morning.

Good Friday I had lined up a meet with a new guy. We’d been chatting since before Christmas and it turned out we went to school together although he was two years younger. He was hot, lived close and had the added advantage of a sexy housemate who was also open to playing. On the downside he’d cancelled a couple of times already so like any good rampage prep I did have a backup lined up.

Lucikly the backup wasn’t needed. School boy invited me round to his as promised and he was as hot in person as I remembered. He seemed a little nervous, but we were soon sat on his sofa with a drink and reminiscing about school. I said hello to his housemate briefly as he was heading out the door, with a request that I come back and play with both of them soon, mmmmm hell yes!

The empty flat seemed to be the prompt he needed and he started to kiss me and put his hand into my top. Before long he was in my mouth, him sitting back on the sofa moaning as I sucked away.

I love the act of sucking someone. It has the perfect combination of submission but with an element of control. Sucking someone for the first time is one of my favourite things. The testing of different techniques and then judging what they like by the moaning or the twitching of their cock.

School boy was a loud one (major plus point) and it didn’t take long to work out which technique was going to get him off. Before too long I had a mouthful of his cum, apparently the first time anyone had made him cum from a bj (I take that as a compliment, and definitely helped with the ego boost!)

He didn’t disappoint either. I was on my knees, bum in the air with his tongue and fingers buried deep inside me, followed by his cock which as far as I was concerned was the perfect size. I like to think being two years younger helped him with the ability to repeat three more times – this really was a good Friday!

As I left he made me promise to come back again next week, and told me he’d always fancied me at school and was so happy he’d finally got to fuck me. Ding ding ding ego sky high.

Today a day off, mainly due to a friends party tonight, but I threw in two rounds of phone sex just because….

By this stage, the ego is well and truly repaired but that probably won’t stop me finishing off the weekend in the same style as I started it!





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