The meets that are never going to happen

There are some guys you get chatting to and you just know you are never going to meet them. They are just in it for the chat, some pics and the thrill.

Three such guys are chatting to me at the moment and I’m humouring them because it’s something to do when I’m bored. But I’d put money on it ending there.

The sad guy: The sad guy (C ) is Scottish but until very recently he lived in London, about 15 mins from me. We’ve been chatting on and off for 6 months and I like him. He’s got the attributes that I’m attracted to – hot, clever, funny, nice cock.  He also has his own flat so you would think meeting would be easy.

It’s definitely not a case of not fancying me enough, in fact he wanks over a video I sent him of me getting fucked at least once a week. But about 3 months ago he told me that his ex girlfriend committed suicide and now I kind of understand why something always comes up or he goes quiet every now and again. He tells me he likes me, that he wants something, that he thinks we would be really good and yet the past seems to stop him following through.

The married guy: N is married, and possibly one of the hottest guys I have ever come across. This guy could be model he is so good looking, he has a huge cock, loves Bbw’s and he is also lovely.

How lovely can he be when be when he wants to cheat on his wife you might ask? Well N is in a sexless marriage. In his case not just a cliche but actually the truth. What I find sad is that this incredibly good looking and intelligent guy has no self confidence because of the situation with his wife.

His partial remedy to this, is to chat to people online, sometimes just texting and sometimes video chatting maybe while he’s wanking. He told me he’s been doing this a couple of years. But in that time he’s never actually met someone.

The prick: This guy (also an N) would meet. But there is something about him that always puts me off. I’ve actually been on my way to meeting him and turned around. Instinct says a lot I always think.

He is down here’s working for 6 months so stays in hotels Tues-Sat and then goes home to stay with his girlfriend. Most of the time he seems quite nice but at other times he can be a complete prick.

He tells me he is bored of dull sex with his girlfriend and wants to experience more things – prick score one.

He offers to drive over and see me, and you know if I feel like sucking his cock that would be ok – prick score two.

He also told me today that I’m not what he’s used to (apparently his mrs is tiny) so I better be the best fuck he’s ever had – prick score 3,000,000,000,000.

Needless to say I told him not to do me any favours!


5 thoughts on “The meets that are never going to happen

      1. A friend did it, she said give it a go, when I had a melt down after I gave up my career for my son


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