Does size matter?

I’ve started seeing someone (E). I really haven’t wanted to mention him because it’s a complicated situation, and I was concerned that if I wrote it on here it would be some kind of curse.

Anyway without wishing to stray too far off the point of the post last night as we were chatting on the phone and he asked me how much cock size actually mattered. 

Now it’s particularly topical in my head, because last week we made a video of me sucking him. I’m a fan of a bit of amateur porn making at times. It can be something to keep you warm on a lonely night, and it’s a good ‘reference’ for people you might be planning on meeting.

Anyway, I then sent said video on to two other guys, both of which are more blessed in the cock department. The first response from both was ‘you look like your enjoying yourself but he’s small’. Harsh!

Now I’m not sure the angle was particularly flattering for E, because I definitely wouldn’t describe him as small, just average. He is also very thick, so I have no complaints, and combined with other things it’s actually some of the best sex I’ve ever had.

However, I do get excited when I know a guy has a big cock because simplistically it does usually feel better. Maybe it’s partly psychological because 8/10 times I cum hard anyway, but I do just love the feeling of being stretched and filled.

On the flip side, I’ve been with some guys with very small cocks, and sorry but it just doesn’t lead to good sex. One very unfortunate guy I dated for a couple of months was cursed with a small cock, that wouldn’t stay hard and he also came within seconds. I think we ended up having sex about 4 or 5 times during the whole period of our relationship. You can probably guess how rare that situation is for me!

So in answer to E’s question. Cock size does matter. It’s not always the biggest that gives you the best size but anywhere between average and big if you know what to do with it, is good with me.


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