The Hottest Sex

Last night I had THE hottest sex with E, the guy I started seeing a couple of months ago. Whilst his personal situation is a little more complicated then I would usually get involved with and he’s a little further away, it’s completely overshadowed by two things:

1) We get on crazily well and it’s felt natural from the first moment we met
2) The sex is just mind blowing and has been right from the start

The last few weeks we’ve kind of got into a routine of me going down there at least one night a week and they have all followed a similar pattern.

I arrive and he comes down the stairs to greet me, we kiss. Not just a kiss hello, but this intense kiss filled with desire and need. More than once we’ve ended up having sex right there on the stairs.

We go upstairs, and within 2 minutes we are in bed, naked. I take his cock straight in my mouth and suck it hard, swirling my tongue all round the tip which sends him crazy. Then he pushes me back on the bed, lifts up my legs and he is inside me. He never has to do anything to check, just knows I will be wet enough to take him.

I cum pretty much instantly, and he just keeps going. Making me cum over and over until I’m gasping. We stop for a bit and lie there cuddling, naked, kissing, touching each other. Before long we carry on, either back to fucking, or me sucking him.

Yesterday it was back to fucking, this time from behind whilst he pulls my hair and fingers my bum (starting to like again, but thats another story). I cum again and again, and we go back to cuddling, which is just my excuse to take his cock back in my mouth.

I find sucking his cock incredibly hot. I love sucking cock anyway but he is just so reactive. Loves me doing it, loves how much I love it, and I’m also the only woman to make him cum from it.

This time I bring him to the point of cumming, but then tell him to fuck me, which he does very willingly. He cums inside me (another massive turn on) and by now I have cum about 15 times – no exaggeration!!!!!

We lie there cuddling a bit longer and then move to the second part of the evening – beer, food, football, chatting. Now as much as I love sex, I love this part with him just as much. We have such a laugh and so far it gets better every time.

So part three continues back in bed, and last night this was the hottest part. It was already 12.30 so I figured quick blow job, quick fuck and we’ll get some sleep.

But then I got into bed, wearing no knickers (I’d given them to him to keep until the weekend so he can use them to wank with), but wearing a vest top. We start kissing, and he puts his hand up my top and starts playing with my nipple, and for some reason this sends me absolutely crazy horny.

I continue with my plan of sucking him and then before long I’m legs in the air again, cumming hard. I move on to my front and he starts fucking me from behind again, firstly on my knees, and then with me lying flat on the bed and him on top of me. I know this really gets him off, he calls it the ultimate submission.

He starts to finger me, slipping three fingers straight inside because I am soaking. They feel amazing and I am going crazy. I feel him push more inside and then he tells me his whole hand is in me. This sends us both crazy. I am so incredibly turned on by the filthiness of this, and I spend the next 10 minutes fucking his hand hard, exploding three, maybe four times. My pussy is aching by now, but if anything its getting me off even more.

We stop, and for a minute I think we might actually go to sleep. He has the ability to orgasm multiple times, without actually cumming, so I know I havent been selfish, but I’m not done yet.

I go back to sucking him, and I’m still so horny that I’m giving him the filthiest blow job. Taking him all the way down my throat, varying the pace, using my tongue all over it and sucking him hard. He is going mad, which just encourages me more.

We finish, with me wanking him off into my mouth whilst sucking the tip, and I finally get the load of cum that I’ve wanted so badly.

Both of us are spent. Its now 2am, I have to be up at 5.30 but it was soooooooooooooo worth it.

I genuinely dont know what it is. I’ve had a lot of hot sex, been with guys who being honest are better looking and have bigger cocks. I’m sure he’s been with girls much prettier than me. But for some reason, we just have this spark, and if anything its got stronger over time.

Now roll on the weekend 😉


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