The Hottest sex round 2

I didn’t think it was possible, but the sex with E is getting even hotter. It seems like the more time we spend together and the more we feel for each other, the more intense it gets.

The other night I arrived and as usual we started kissing in the hall. I deliberately hadn’t put any knickers on, knowing he would put his hand into my trousers, and he didn’t disappoint.

We went into the flat, lay down on the bed still clothed and started to kiss. I’ve always been a huge fan of kissing, I find it a massive turn on, and the kissing with E is like a drug. As usual one minute we were kissing innocently, affectionately and this quickly progressed into passionate kissing and we were desperately undressing each other.

He put his fingers straight inside me, knowing I would be wet enough and quickly made me cum twice, before pushing his cock deep inside me. It felt amazing and I quickly came again.

He pulled out and started to lick me. One of my legs in the air so he could get deep around my clit. I’ve always found it really hard to cum from someone licking me, I think maybe it’s just not hard enough pressure, and for this reason I could take it or leave it. But what he was doing felt amazing and soon after I filled his mouth with my cum which seemed to turn him on even more.

I took my turn sucking him, loving tasting us both on his cock. He made me lie so he could finger me at the same time and started to fuck my mouth as I moaned round his cock. He has the ability to orgasm without cumming which is just so hot and I made him do this for the first time. Then we returned to fucking and he filled me with cum. 

We laid their kissing and chatting, thinking that we were done. But quickly the kissing turned into something more. He slid back inside me, both of us turned on by the fact my pussy was still full of his cum. I came two, three more times before he filled me again. But we didn’t stop there. I went back to sucking him again, knowing he was covered in us and loving it even more. 

By the time we’d finished he’d cum in me 4 times and orgasmed several more. I’d lost count of the amount of times I’d cum, but I was sore, bruised and full of him…..


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