Same old routine

This week I’ve heard from two old favourites, the feeder and the fluid lover. I can write the routine with them now. 

The fluid lover

The fluid lover (P) is the guy who first opened my mind to all of this again. Lovely guy and absolute filth (and I do mean filth). 

We haven’t actually slept together for about 8 or 9 months despite talking about it on a number of occasions. I am fairly keen, knowing that it’s guaranteed good sex and we have a good laugh, but whilst on occasions he seems up for it, he’s had a lot going on recently and he ends up flaking.

Friday night was a classic routine. We got chatting on whatsapp late, about football (yes I LOVE football). The conversation progressed onto relationships – I tell him a little bit about E, he gives me the update on what’s been going on with him. This turns into a conversation about sex, and we are both then horny and sexting. This continues for a couple of hours, we agree to meet and then say good night. But I will put money on it not happening.

Incidentally I don’t take this personally – he did the same thing to the best sub about 2 months ago. The best sub is bi and P is curious without ever having done anything. They got chatting, arranged to meet and the following day P changed his mind. 

It’s like in that horny moment he’ll pretty much agree to anything and then when he’s calmed down he goes off the idea. 

The feeder

I’m going to write a separate post about where the feeder disappeared to because quite honestly it’s an awesome story, but let’s just say he’s not been on the radar for a few months and this weekend returned.

So the routine with him – I get a couple of messages;

sorry I haven’t been in contact (fill in excuse)

really want to see you and have sex with you/feed you

lets make it a regular thing, you are far too skinny (I’d like to clairfy here I’m really not, but this guy likes his women very big) 

Now on paper this guy is my ideal man, and for a couple of months I did actually think he might be. We have similar jobs and he earns a decent salary. He owns his own very nice house, is intelligent, funny and fairly good in bed. The problem is, he’s a bit of a shit!

So now he’s back in contact the routine over the next few weeks would go……..

I’ll be invited to his for a couple of weekends. We’ll have good fun together, cooking, chatting, having lots of sex, maybe doing some feeding – ok it does nothing sexually for me but I don’t think it will come as a great surprise that I like to eat! 

After those two weekends, I’ll start hearing from him less and less, he’ll get very busy and then it will just stop. No word, no reply to messages, nothing.

I’ve learnt now that the stopping is usually an indication that he’s met someone else, and then it’s just a countdown until they break up and the routine starts all over again.

Now usually I’d be sucked in to giving both guys the time of day. But I’m happy at the moment, so with the exception of a little flirting I’m going to break the routine this time! 


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