The feeder & the dog

This isn’t a sex story, neither is it actually my story, but I recently told it to E and I think it’s too good not to share…

The feeder (R) had been dating (L) for about 8 months. This were going pretty well and I hadn’t heard from him at all. But gradually things started to go a little down hill – mostly he was getting a bit bored of her lack of sexual adventure and constant jealousy. 

I’d started to get the odd flirty message from him, moaning about things with her, suggesting he wanted to see me etc etc. I refused to do anything until he’d broken up with her and to be honest I don’t think he would have done anyway – he can be a shit but not that much of one.

Then a month or so later I had a message from him saying they’d broken up and could he see me (kick off the routine described in previous post from here). Now I just assumed that he had ended things but it turned out something far more bizarre had happened.

R and L were away for a long weekend with her family and her dog staying in a big cottage. They had a bedroom at the top of the house with a quite steep staircase leading up to it. 

It was Sunday morning and they were being lazy lying in bed together, with the dog running up and down the stairs to come and see them. L’s mum shouted up to them that breakfast was ready, but L being lazy stayed in bed, and R got up and headed down the stairs.

When he got to the bottom the dog was lying there looking rather strange, so he rushed over. He quickly realised the dog was dying and shouted for both L and her mum to come quickly. 

Now L adored this dog, having had him since mid teens so clearly she was devastated. They packed up their stuff, left soon after and headed back to L’s mums where they were meant to be staying that night. 

They buried the dog in the garden and then sat around all very quiet and sad, with L crying. R had tried to comfort her but she was having none of it. He said something to L’s sister and for some reason L just snapped,

‘I don’t know how you can just sit there making jokes when you’ve done this to me’

R was taken aback, but figured she was upset so just ignore it. He went to get their stuff from the car and when he walked back in the house she was standing by the door.

‘I don’t want you staying here tonight.’ She said.

Again he figured ok, she just needs some time alone, I’ll give her some space.

‘I don’t need space R. I can’t forgive you for killing my dog, so it’s over. I never want to see you again’

Yep – that’s right. She accused him of being a dog killer! 

Now why L had come to this conclusion I do not know. The dog was 15, not in the best of health and had spent the morning running up and down a steep flight of stairs. The logical explanation was heart attack or maybe it had fallen down the stairs accidentally! But no, she decided R had kicked the dog down the stairs or caused the dog to have some kind of accident that lead to its death – because yeah that’s what people do……….

R understandably was quite shell shocked. Ok he wasn’t that happy in the relationship but I’m not sure he’d predicted it ending quite like this. L stuck to her word though, and blocked all communication with him. He received a couple of messages from her family – randomly asking for closure about the dog. ‘Just tell us what really happened, we are sure it was an accident, but L really needs closure’.

Bat shit doesn’t even cover it!!

Now I bet you are now wondering whether he did actually accidentally kill the dog and the answer as far as I know, is no. 

But the story does not end here, because after a month or so of chatting and meeting him, R goes quiet on me again and when I do hear from him again this week he tells me than he and L got back together for a couple of months but it hasn’t worked out and they have broken up again.

Did she realise you didn’t kill the dog after all then?’- I asked

‘Oh no, she still thought I did it and she couldn’t forgive me’ – he said.

WOW, just WOW!


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