Until recently I would list the basic sexual activities in order of preference as follows:

  • Being fucked (v)
  • Sucking cock
  • Being fingered, especially from behind
  • Being fucked (a)
  • Being licked 

Licking has never been that high on my agenda. I think this dates back to my first long term boyfriend who really wasn’t keen on doing it, and then subsequently, rarely finding a man who was any good at it. 

These days, I’m not going to stop someone if they want to do it, but often it’s that token first or second time thing, and then it’s never to be seen again, despite me continuing to suck them every time (I’m not complaining, I do genuinely love it).

So knowing E quite well before we slept together he already knew I wasn’t that bothered, therefore for the first couple of months we had sex it didn’t happen. Quite honestly, we were having too much fun doing what we were doing. But a few weeks ago, mid marathon fucking session, he suddenly did it, and wow it was good!

All of sudden I cannot stop thinking about it, and he’s actually the same. So it’s now become a part of our regular routine. Last week we went out to watch the football and returned to his flat both quite drunk and very horny. 

Now without wishing to be gross I am usually conscious that if I haven’t showered in the last couple of hours that I like to at least use a wet wipe downstairs to ensure I’m nice and fresh. But being drunk and just needing him inside me I hadn’t even done that. 

We’d been fucking for ten minutes when he pulled out of me and started licking me, it was so hot I came almost instantly. As our session continued he did it twice more, each time making me cum harder. I think it’s fair to say I’m now a huge fan!! 


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